Department of Microbiology

            The Department of Microbiology was established in the academic year 1995 with UG programme and it was elevate to Post Graduate department by offering M.Sc. Microbiology in the year 2007. The department has been upgraded at research centre in 2018.

            Microbiology is the subject which deals the biological activities of Micro Organisms. It is in great demand and plenty of job opportunities for the students who aspire to take up the job in the field of quality control in food industries, pollution control in food industries, vaccine preparation.

            Students have brighter chances of going to abroad, if they graduate themselves in this enhancing field.

            The well-equipped laboratory in this department have many advanced and costly instruments like Binocular microscope, Anaerobic culture jar, Colony counter, Laminar air flow, Electrophoresis, Incubator, Hot air oven, Membrane filter, Rotary shaker, UV-transilluminator, High-speed micro-centrifuge.

            Students are being given ample opportunities to make use of these instruments and to equipe themselves.